OBC Aviation Consultants also has competencies in other areas which includes but not limited to the following;

Our competencies in the Airports domain include the following;

Aviation Security
Pertaining to Aviation Security, OBC Aviation Consultants the necessary expertise to undertake the following;

Organizational Restructuring
We have expertise in undertaking business restructuring within a  wide scope of sectors in the aviation industry that range from governmental departments (Ministries), national regulatory authorities, airports, commercial, general aviation

Executive & Senior Management Coaching
OBC Aviation Consultants the necessary expertise to train and coach executive and senior management personnel in ensuring their effective delivery. We are capable of providing the necessary transitional coaching, mentoring and training for newly appointed executive management personnel.

Expert Witness Services
OBC Aviation Consultants has the ability to carry out independent research on aviation matters under litigation and provide independent expert witness in court or provide within organization internal inquiries and disciplinary hearing.

Training Of Inspectors, Engineers & Specialists
OBC Aviation Consultants also specialises in providing the mandatory training required to equip aviation inspectors, engineers and other specialists in performing their duties. Our training offering in this category is fully compliant with the application regulatory framework.