OBC Aviation Consultants was established in 2008 and has since made its mark in the aviation industry providing specialised aviation consultancy services to a wide range of clients. OBC has got extensive competencies in assisting Aviation Regulatory Agencies (National Aviation Regulatory Oversight Agencies) to comply with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Standards & Recommended Practices (SARP’s).

Furthermore, OBC Aviation Consultants has the capacity to provide sound consultancy services to a wide range of organizations operating within the highly specialized aviation industry. Our interventions result in organizations improving their systems and ultimately increase their efficiency, effectiveness and profitability in undertaking their business operations.

The principal officer and founder of OBC Aviation Consultants, Mr. Obert Chakarisa, who serves as its Managing Director has over 25 years of aviation experience. His areas of expertise cover both the regulatory, public and private aviation industry sectors. The rest of the aviation specialists on the OBC Aviation Consultants database have aviation experience that ranges from 15 years to over 40 years in some cases.

OBC Aviation Consultants prides itself on being one of just a handful of aviation consultancy firms on the African Continent that have the competency to function in a wide scope of aviation industry sectors.